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Here at our Quantum Relaxation Clinic, we provide a space for you to become your own healer. Our philosophy is simple – we aim to create a positive environment for the body to relax, giving it a change to heal itself with sound and vibration. Our holistic clinic offers a variety of complementary medicine services including Naturopathy, Epigenetic Nutrition and Energy Medicine but we also offer the newly developed Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ developed by Thomas Staudacher N.D.


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“We provide holistic wellness programs for you to become your own healer - combined with naturopathic & quantum relaxation techniques. These are bio-energetically designed to support your own body's communication networks - relax your body, calm your mind, and soothe your soul.”


Our Subtle Energy Solution Wellness Group incorporates ways to support holistic health and social emotional wellbeing in a variety of ways for practitioners, everyday people, students and vulnerable populations. Our Company includes a Quantum Relaxation clinic that supports people with chronic health conditions; a wholesale and distribution service for practitioners using our Cymatic Resonance Beds for Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ or Cymatic Resonance Therapy; an International Holistic College of Natural Medicine; and, a Subtle Energy Solution Not-for-Profit organisation supporting health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Refugees and returned Veterans.

New Paradigm in Relaxation

What is CRT

Cymatic Resonance Therapy is one way to fully relax is through sensory deprivation & vibrational massage. Our unique Cymatic Sound beds allow you to float effortlessly, relieving the pressure of gravity temporarily. Choose if you want silence or calming music to create an ideal space for you to deeply relax and feel revitalised. Benefits of cymatic resonance therapy can include deep relaxation that promotes self-healing – pain relief – releasing blocked emotions.

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New Paradigm in Holistic Health

holistic approach means to provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. The support should also consider their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. Here at IHCNM we did go a step further and created a new form of healing modality where your bodies energetic field is the therapist and our practitioners are trained in incorporating and explaining this approach to you in simple terms. So you understand the process when your body is initiating the healing process.

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New Paradigm in Sound Healing

We’re all familiar with our hearts beating, breath going in and out, joints clicking, tummy rumbling and throat vibrating when we speak or sing. But what about our tiny sounds that we can’t hear, such as the sounds made by the trillions of living cells that make up our bodies? Yes, all cells ‘sing’ you the Orchestra, the singing of all your cells becomes a orchestra of your whole body and only you can bring harmony in to it with the help of Acoustic Restoration Therapy and create new pathways in your energetic fields with your inner vibrations.

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Looking for optimal Health ?

Each session within your program is tailored for your personal needs.
The purpose of holistic living is to gently nurture your true potential towards greater health, inner harmony, and spiritual growth.
If every facet of daily life is aligned with this principle – healing occurs because your body is relaxed to trust in the divine interconnectedness of the universe.
Life becomes an experiential education in holistic living.
Experience the power true relaxation – an integrative healing and restoration technique.

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Our online shop offers a range of holistic living products for both your health and educational needs. Products are available for spiritual growth, meditation, nutrition and natural beauty. You are welcome to explore our selections here.

Not many people have been making efforts to explore the amazing possibilities of the human body within. If you want to experience pure relaxation and lead a fulfilling life, you can contact Subtle Energy Solution. We offer different types of relaxation therapy solutions, including acoustic restoration therapy and transformational sound therapy for our customers.

You can choose our therapy as a part of your cancer support program because our therapy solutions activate the energy fields that perform the task of controlling the repair and growth of cells. Our reputation as a trusted pain management clinic attracts many people to undergo bio-energetic therapies that offer excellent relief from pain.

As a highly responsible and reliable Geebung pain management clinic, we follow a holistic method of approach to optimize your mental and physical health. Our relaxation techniques are capable enough to find solutions to a wide variety of health issues. You can also seek our expertise if you are searching to find a PTSD treatment clinic.

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In today’s highly competitive world – with technology at our fingertips – life can be extremely chaotic and overwhelming.
This instant lifestyle creates pressures and puts extra stress on ourselves. People are busier but time-poor; active on social media but less available for personal contact; and, often, more reactive and less engaging.
Our ‘space’ provides the perfect place to briefly escape, relax and become your own healer.

Enjoy a little ‘time out’, to ‘tune in’ and restore your innate creativity so you can connect more fully with your own authentic energy.

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