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We go to different doctors for our ailments such as high blood pressure, cold, headache and so on but there are also many other ailments which are internal and sometimes the doctor is not able to treat them nicely. Disorders like depression, stress, decision making, memory retention etc. need additional care and support. What if someone tells you that you can fix all of that with just one therapy that focuses on the energy field around you?

Yes, Just how we have energy inside of us, we have it around us in the form of vibrations and when the energy around us is affected, we fall under a lot of problems like stress, depression and also physical problems like heart problems obesity, eating disorders and major skin problems etc. Thanks to the recent researches which showed us how naive we were to think that pills and diet are our go-to options for good health and a healthy brain.

Our founder Thomas Staudacher N.D. developed a relaxation therapy through sounds and vibrations. It was found out by the Institute of HeartMath that our body has an energy field around it and we feel it and react to it in certain ways. Keeping the energy flow intact is very important for a healthy mind and body, so this Acoustic Restoration Therapy is a way to do that. This therapy is a way to heal yourself without the help of any special doctors because the strength to heal ourselves lies within us.

We use this therapy to give people hope for a better lifestyle and a healthy one. Acoustic Restoration Therapy is a trademarked therapy and is not fooling you or is harmful in any way possible.

Through this therapy, natural frequencies are sent to the brain and the central nervous system of our body which altogether helps in the balancing of our body cells as a whole. Frequency therapy is a proven and safe method to relieve stress and many other bodily problems including neck and shoulder pain. This therapy gives a hope that we do not need a big and heavy dosage of pills and we do not have to bear the side effects to get our body in harmony. We can use our own healing abilities inside of us to let the body do what it is designed to do and get rid of any illness or mental problems. It is a new technique which activates your body’s innate repair mechanism to restore itself due to relaxation and sound. This is achieved through the sensation of acoustic water vibration therapy as most of our body is made of water and all this water is set into motion when the body is exposed to these sound vibrations.

Our Vision

To get your mind out of doubt, we also manufacture our own products which promise a good solution to your daily life illness or problems. We don’t work like amateurs as our founder Thomas Staudacher N.D. is trained in all modalities and uses both scientific and natural methods like Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy and is the founder of our nonprofit organization and we do not include useless products but only essential products to help your body regulate the energy field.

There is always a particular genre of music that we listen to and feel calm and restored after a long day of work, heartbreak or an uncomfortable situation. This gives us an idea of how sounds can make a big difference in our mood or body. Just like your favourite music, we use different sounds and vibrations to give your body’s inner healing power an extra hop to the line where it can have the strength to create nutrients that make your body healthy. This is the first Mind and Body-Oriented Therapy which focuses on your outer energetic field i.e. the Torus and Bioenergetic fields. Our goal is to make people aware of how consuming many unnatural pills in a day is creating a barrier in the process of their body’s natural self-healing process as the human body makes its own minerals and vitamins which lead to natural healing. They can stop that by undertaking our Acoustic Restoration Therapy which is painless and without any doubts the safest way to go.

There are a lot of missing blanks between healing and self-generation which are filled by us. Our therapy is not only for calming your mind and body but also for regenerating your body’s own healing system. This vibrational medicine is a way of understanding how our whole body is based on the principle of vibrations and this therapy is all about the sounds and their vibrations as they help bring the body into a healthy resonance. Looking at the world you can understand how everyone is going through something or another and is under great stress. This therapy will help in overcoming an unbalanced body by shifting our brainwave state to a more balanced state using vibrations.

Our Mission

A large number of the world’s population suffers from many mental problems and seeks help from different organizations; we are here to tell them that the solution to their unhealthy body and mental problems lies within them or to be precise around them in the form of Torus or Bioenergetics field.

Our goal is to spread this therapy all over the world like a wildfire. People don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on medicines and drugs that do nothing but cuts your pocket. We plan to work on devices for home use that are not so expensive and can be used by anyone. This therapy’s aim is to reach to all corners so that the people who want to take their health back in their own hands are equipped. This enables them to establish power over their mental and physical health. This therapy can be labelled as a sound therapy as the sounds or music in this therapy is converted into vibrations and are used to calm and rejuvenate our mind and body. Healers say that sound can have physiological and physical effects because its vibrations are not just heard but also felt as our body is also vibrating all the time at a different frequency. Our body holds may mental and emotional traumas which can result in any form of physical illness so it is better to fix our traumas which can be done by the ART as it focuses on the energy field of our body which should always keep flowing for a better and healthy body system. So our mission is not a plan that we just set up in our imagination but it is a trademarked therapy that can actually help you in living a healthy life.


We look towards a future where people know that the healing power lies within them and do not need a diet plan or drugs to fix their bodily energy. The purpose of this therapy and the philosophy of Subtle Energy Solution is that the energy field around our body is in the form of vibrations, it’s like an energy field. Our whole life is about vibrations as our bodies vibrate at different frequencies and it is vital for us to keep the energy flowing. Researchers have shown that when we are ill or under some stress, this energy field collapses and so it is vital for us to keep the energy flowing in every way possible.

Acoustic Restoration Therapy’s intention is to rejuvenate the body so that the energy field never collapses so that we can stay away from experiencing stress or any other kind of illness which can result in damaging our energy field. This therapy is not like a “cure” but a source of “healing” your body slowly so that it can cure itself to wholeness, your mind-body, and spirit. It is a room full of possibilities towards a better healing and a power filled body. Under this therapy, we have many other therapies which can help you in achieving a calmer mind and body. As this therapy aims at growing in every corner of the world, it can be a big change in the field of mental and physical illness as it helps our body get in shape both mentally and physically by just activating its natural healing system. In the center of our body is our heart or conscience which is the source of the energy field, this therapy can also be a solution to many heart problems as it aims at balancing and maintaining your energy field.

Core Values

  • Good understanding of your problems before jumping into the therapy.
  • Respecting an individual’s beliefs and not debating their choices and faith.
  • All are equal for us; our aim is to solve the problems that your body faces.
  • Taking challenges positively and not as a way to prove ourselves.
  • Aspire to be the best solution for your everyday body problems.
  • Not interested in proving any organization other than us wrong.
  • A new way to overcome your bodily problems.
  • Make you aware of how your energy field is important and should always flow.
  • Peruse excellence.
  • Make a path towards a healthy life and body system.

If the energy in our body is constantly moving and flowing, we are truly at a healthy and wellbeing level. However, if the energy slows down we can show signs of stress depression or even disease. These negative effects can often be in reaction to an imbalance in the flow of our life force energy. Imbalances in our energy of the mental or etheric body can show in any number of ways including, rage, phobias, depression or in the physical form that lower the immune system and making your more susceptible to colds, fever or even more serious illnesses.
If an imbalance takes hold of one of your subtle bodies it may not show itself on a physical level immediately. Diseases may show on a subtle energetic levels weeks or months before any it physically issues are realized.
For many years it has been known that the secret to health and wellbeing may not just lie with diet, pills and exercise. But it may also depend on our feelings and emotions in harmony with the body relaxation.
For the body to stay well or heal itself it may need to occur not only on the physical level but also on mental and emotional so total full body relaxation. Once the mind and body are in harmony then the true healing and wellbeing can start.


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