Acoustic Restoration Therapy Analysis with Nilas MV

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Acoustic Restoration Therapy Analysis with Nilas MV

1.Vegetative Nervous System

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

The first graph (on the picture above, below left) shows the status (‘balance’) of the vegetative system. The vegetative system is responsible for the automative maintenance of essential life functions like heartbeat, respiration, metabolism and digestion. Additionally, the vegetative nervous system controls our blood vessels, sexual organs, pupil reaction and much more. Simplified, the vegetative nervous system is THE central control system in our bodies. On the right side of the picture you can see six different levels of how Nilas MV depicts the function of the vegetative nervous system, with dark blue indicating the best test results (1) and dark red for the lowest level (6). My initial value was similar to the second graph (2), with a bit less dark blue at the edge, which is equivalent to 2 minus.

Despite the good initial value, the picture on the right shows a significant approvement after using Acoustic Restoration ™ Therapy for only thirty minutes. Vitality increased from 46 to 73 that indicates the body is getting more energy to regulate his vegetative system with his own resources.

2.Central Regulation and Energy Resources

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution and Laminine (Nutritional Supplement)

Here, Nilas MV shows two different parameters. The diagram on the top left shows the central (neuro hormonal) regulation, my initial value being 6, which is a very low range (indicated as predominantly red). The diagram below it shows the energy reserve and energy utilisation within the system, with the blue squares indicating the anabolic, and the red squares indicating the catabolic processes. Those energy reserves decrease under stress load, and also with increasing age. Here, my initial value also shows very low values, with the basis being very narrow.

The analysis after using Laminine our main nutritional product shows as in every instance, a more than significant improvement when combined together with Acoustic Restoration Therapy™. This test was done to show you the impact of Laminine on the neurohumoral regulation system. The central regulation indicates a very balanced pattern, with most of the values shown in turquoise or blue. The energy reserves increased extremely, and represent a very broad basis. This not only demonstrates a significantly increased capability of the organism for adaptation and performance, but also a slowing of aging processes.

3.Psycho-Emotional State

Test conducted only with Laminine (Nutritional Supplement)

In this chart which demonstrates the psycho-emotional state after using Laminine only again. Nilas MV’s dark red indicates lower levels and dark blue indicates higher levels. My initial value is a good, average ageing – indicated predominantly green without orange, unlike the results on the right hand side of the graph. With blue counting 1, and red counting 6, my value is about 3 to 4. The main activity of the brainwaves is delta, and as you can see on the chart below Laminine not only helps you to get more energy it also regultates your Psycho-Emotional State in a very short time.

In comparison with the second analysis, an increase from 80 to 100 percent is shown, and a definite increase in the blue areas. In numbers, this indicates a 2 plus. Additionally, the active brain wave patterns have switched; all brainwave areas are more active (a hint to a general activation and synchronisation). Particularly interesting is that at the same time, beta waves IV (which are associated with waking consciousness), as well as delta, alpha and gamma levels which are active during deep meditation states, are present. Thus, Laminine virtually creates ‘active’ meditation in waking consciousness.

4.Biorhythm and Biological Age

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

The picture above shows – in the form of fractal graphs – the level of the ‘heart coherence’, which in medicine combines the synchronisation of heartbeat, respiration and blood pressure. The larger the coherence, the more efficient is the interaction of the three factors, and therefore balance and equilibrium. Considered from the perspective of negentropic processes, this points to biological age respective to the speed of aging processes that take place in our bodies. The initial value shows a good average (3 plus) as a fractal picture and a biological age that is lower than the actual chronological age, with a value that is indicated as – 10.

The second measurement shows a distinct increase in the fractal picture (from -1 to 66, which is about a 10 plus). The lower graph shows an extreme shift in terms of the biological age (which is a decrease of entropy). The value changed from 50y to 39y years. Consequentially, this value points to profound changes in the health status.

5.Health Index

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

Considering the overall analysis, Nilas MV summarizes the four previous parameters (adaptation level of the organism, vegetative and central regulation, psycho-emotional status) for the collective results: the health index. The pie chart in the picture above shows the four parameters in percentages. Not only the size of the ‘pieces of cake’ are important, but their balance, too. My initial graph shows a value between 2 and 3. In the diagram below, the blue area shows the health index that would be appropriate to the actual age of the person, and the green part indicates the actual health index.

And again, the second measurement (after using one of our special designed Relaxation programs for 60 minutes) shows a dramatic improvement. In numbers: A – the adaptation level increases from 31 to 67%, B – vegetative regulation from 50 to 84%, C – central regulation from 48 to 66% and D – psycho-emotional status from 37 to 69%. The general health index (pie chart below) also increases significantly: from 41 to 72%. This demonstrates that Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ significantly affects the complete system: body and psyche.

6.Aura Portrait

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

Easier to see are the changes when looking at the ’aura portrait’. Nilas MV generates this from the former data (cp. GDV device/Korotkov). Based on Kirlian photography, which measures energy irradiation from the fingertips, one can calculate from the values of the different fingers and the meridians and organ areas that are connected to a systemic picture of the aura. Strong energetic imbalances would effectively create ‘holes’ in the aura of the person concerned. Again, the first measurement with the Nilas MV device demonstrated the values of a good average person. The aura shows no holes or energy deficiencies. The numbers are the same as with the health index – the aura picture shows how the increase in percentages affects the human bioenergy field. Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ literally makes it shine.

7.Chakra Balance

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

Another manner of demonstrating the systemic changes are the graphs of the chakra activity. Chakras are acknowledged, not only in the Indian/Vedic tradition but also in many different cultures all over the world. They are considered to be an interface between our material/physical and energetic/subtle body. Each chakra refers to certain principles, therefore one could create a complete holistic interpretation of the Neurophone effects, solely based on the values in this picture. Here, again, we find in the pre-post-measurement everywhere (which means: on a systemic level) significant changes. Especially interesting are three of the values: the first chakra (on the bottom), the fourth or heart chakra (in the middle), and the seventh chakra (on top) have reached values of 75% and more. In this way, the energy creates a kind of channel which connects with earth energy as well as with cosmic energy – with the heart as the centre. The highest value shows the heart chakra, with 93% nearly the absolute maximum. This shows the direct connection between brain and heart and the effect of Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ on both of them. As in the brainwave chart, here we also see the holistic approach with Laminine (Nutritional Supplement): it doesn’t merely support certain areas but activates all levels, and to an astonishing level.

8.Meridian Diagram

Test conducted with specially designed frequencies developed and designed only at Subtle Energy Solution

The final analysis using Nilas MV is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the meridian teachings. As with chakras, meridians already are a holistic system because all areas interact with each other. The circles on the left and the right side show with a traffic-light system the activity of the meridians in percentages. Yellow values show average results, green one’s top values, and red ones show low values. The pie chart in the middle shows the interaction of the meridians; ideally it would show a larger and balanced (round) circle with dark blue areas. Recesses refer to energy deficiencies; peaks show energy surpluses.

Maybe most obviously we can see the systemic reaction to the use of our special designed chakra balance relaxation program here in the meridian pre-post-measurements. Each one of the meridians shows green values, and with figures between 70 and 91 being absolute top values. You can see the same in the blue and red histograms. The meridian circle now is nearly round, clearly enlarged and dark blue on the edge, and is also close to the optimum. Of all things, the previously weakest meridian, the heart meridian, shows the best value and the darkest blue – after using our program CHAKRA BALANCE for only 30minutes. This again demonstrates that the Neurophone not only energizes all areas, but also provides the organism with enough energy to enable the weakest parts to have the chance for self-regulation.