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What is Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART)

Scientific evidence affirms that the bodies vibrational resonance, if consciously aware or not, has a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. Sound is the Medicine of the future.

The structure of the human energy field has been mapped out by the Institute of HeartMath. They’ve used sensitive electrocardiographs (EKGs) to measure the electromagnetic pulses that emanate from the center of our torus, the heart. The field generated was measured to extend up to 12 feet around the human body. And, they discovered that humans (and other animals) can sense this energy field when in close proximity to each other. Not only do we sense this energy field we react to it as well internal and external. Many different factors contribute to the disturbances in this field and it is vital for us to keep the energy flowing.

Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ was developed by Thomas Staudacher N.D. It is a new form of Relaxation Technique what enables your bodies innate repair mechanism to restore itself and simple due to relaxation and sound. This is achieved with the sensation of acoustic water vibration therapy.

ART™ is based on the principle that life is vibration. Matter, including the human body, vibrates all the time, at various frequencies. Sound and music also vary in frequency. Therefore, when the various frequencies of sound and/or music are converted to vibration which is introduced to the human body, it can be utilized to bring the body into a state of healthy resonance. Because our bodies are composed mainly of water – approximately 70% for an older person and about 90% for a newborn baby, all of this water is set into motion when the body is exposed to these sound vibrations.

Subtle Energy Solution has developed a new form of relaxation what helps to restore or protect the bioenergetic field
(TORUS Field)

Fig1. Our human energy field – It is created and maintained by you in every moment, because your consciousness is at the centre of it. This field constantly refreshes itself, so when a person is ill or has other problems, the field collapses.

Fig2. A Torus (your innate energy field) is a shape which comes back in on itself. In other words, it is constantly in touch with itself and recycling its own energy. It is a good representation of consciousness and other external or internal influences. Every time we change our minds or illness and pain, we become different. Since action always follows thought and now in our days the external influences like mobile phones etc, changes will result in a change of our activities in the physical universe and it also will have an impact on our health.


Fig3. A person may distort the meridians or torus field severely enough that illness and even psychosis may result. A person in pain or severe discomfort will Resort to drastic action in order to gain relief. When this happens our body shows us different signs physically like fatigue – anxiety – depression – autoimmune disease – any form of sickness. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to the signs and are looking or quick answers in taking medication or other chemical substances what even distorts the torus field more. When in this cycle most of the people looking for help and this is when Acoustic Restoration Therapy comes in – it will help you to restore this field in a very short time and with the right guidance what you will get in our center it is designed to support you in the constant recycling of energies fields inside and outside with a minimal use of other natural or chemical substances.

Fig4. this is the outcome after Acoustic Restoration Therapy a balanced Energy field what enables your body to function normally starting to restore itself and the most important part is ART will help you to gain enough energy and strength to keep this process in motion without hardly any disturbances. Your body will get stronger and will recognise different energy signatures and learns how to deal with this.

Bioenergetic Field tested with Nilas MV®

Nilas MV® Medi precisely identifies the psycho-physiological stress situation of the client, which can be both a trigger as well as a symptom of serious health disorders. Diagnostically conclusive data is derived from the biological benchmarks of the rhythmo-gramme that delivers comprehensive evaluation parameters. The recorded frequency patterns and time lapses of the biorhythms allow for an analysis and assessment of their performance spectrum, stress tolerance, dynamics and adaptation ability to an extent never seen before. This is achieved by a totally new and innovative technique called fractal neurodynamics.

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