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With Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Cancer is often described as a journey that starts at diagnosis. During treatment, some people feel that their life is on hold. As treatment ends, patients often find themselves in ‘limbo’ struggling to find how to resume normal activities.

Can a survivor expect their life to return to what it was like before the cancer diagnosis?  Possibly, however for many it isn’t that simple the reality is often more emotionally and physically complex. Some cancer survivors find they can’t or don’t want to go back to how life was before their treatment, so where do they go from here?

Finding a ‘new normal’
Many survivors say that cancer changes them. After treatment, they may feel different, even though they look the same. With time, survivors often find a new way of living. Many call this a “new normal”. It may take months or years to find a new normal.

Principles of the Therapy Strategy

Therapies for cancer today are still causing tremendous stress on our body and mind. Even with all the new knowledge we have about how important is to support our immune system as well as our nervous system, it is widely ignored. Both our immune system and nervous system are the most important component for regulating our internal systems. New evidence is emerging and research shows that these two systems need attention and support but we still have to go a long way to incorporate an intact, well-designed system to deal with this issue when we follow only one medical system.

The human body is not designed, and consequently, not programmed to compensate for such complex disturbing factors like over-stimulating of the sensory centres through physical or chemical agitation (pollution, light, acoustics, medication or chronic pain etc.). These disturbing factors also extend their influence to the smallest units of the body, our cell tissue. When this core element of the body – THE CELL AND NERVOUS SYSTEM is not being served or regulated adequately and does not receive the right signals; the energy flow is disturbed and eventually interrupted.

Therefore, it is utmost importance that everyone what has been diagnosed with cancer, or any other life-threatening diseases, is supported in coping with those disturbances. We need to understand our conditions have changed since civilization has advanced, we are disturbing the stable innate healing mechanism we have been given by nature. Our body is still not designed to keep up with this new advancement even when science tells you differently.

How Disharmony and Lack of Balance is created in an Atomic Level

Cancer is a disease of the cells, which are the body’s basic building blocks. Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow in an uncontrolled way. These abnormal cells can damage or invade the surrounding tissues, or spread to other parts of the body, causing damage. This process also creates disharmony in an atomic level: The atoms that come together to form a molecule are held together in that molecular configuration with a covalent energy bond with both emits and absorbs its own specific electromagnetic frequency. Not only is every cell in the body a transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic information, but it is also these various electromagnetic frequencies that precede and correspond to biochemical functions.

As a consequence, we have developed a new program helping your body to regulate these disturbances until science finds a way to support you further and with a more humane approach.

Finding Balance and Harmony at a Holistic Level

Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART™) is a new and highly innovative approach that pays significant attention to each person’s individual, innate immune and nervous system.

This program helps you to support your body and mind with your own specific, uniquely designed frequencies to counteract the damage to the atomic level as well. Everybody has their own special inherent frequencies that they are born with.  ART™’s relaxation program is designed to enable these frequencies to return to the surface and relay the right signals to your body and mind for regeneration. This process is called Autopoietic system.

Concept of ART

ART™ conceptualized the physiology of cancer as having two components: a set of responses interfering with the biochemical functions of the body (IBF), and the development of a pathological state from ongoing, unrelieved stress (DPS).
The founder of SES and Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ – Thomas Staudacher N.D observed that stress and chronic conditions in this case cancer differ from other physical responses. And these responses can be supported with frequencies (ART™) and nutrition (Laminine) to achieve a positive outcome in Cancer Support before or after Chemo Therapy or Radiation.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance that anyone, who has been diagnosed with cancer, or any other life-threatening disease, is supported in coping with his situation through social and psychological support from specialized counsellors and psychotherapists. Supportive measures may include participation in support groups, biography workshops, curative eurhythmy, art therapy, etc.

In conclusion, one can say that the ACOUSTIC RESTORATION THERAPY™ CONCEPT is new and highly innovative since it integrates Sound and Vibration Therapy with other novel therapies what pays significant attention to all the needs of the patient and the characteristics of cancer itself.

Here’s a a look what you’ll get:

  • Strategies for Working with Cancer
  • How to Adapt Interventions for Trauma-Related Anxiety
  • How to get Help When You Are Stuck in Ruminating Thought Patterns
  • How to Deal with and Tolerate Discomfort
  • How to Stop Using Counterproductive Anxiety Management Strategies
  • When and How to Use Relaxation and Calming Practices
  • How to Self-Soothe
  • Why Future Goals Can Ease the fear of Cancer




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