Immunity by Bruce Lipton

The increased incidence of allergies in children is one of the major healthcare issues of our day.

From an immunological understanding, there are two simple points about this to keep in mind.

First, allergens are a type of antigen (something that promotes an immune response), but allergens themselves are not very toxic. The problem is our bodies’ over-reaction to allergens. A very important point is that the immune system is divided: It fights noncellular things like allergens, and it fights cellular things like cancer cells, bacteria, and parasites. And there’s information in the immune system that controls the direction it takes.

And here’s the interesting part: The placenta implanted in the uterus is not tissue from the mother’s body. It comes from the embryo, and the embryo is genetically different than the mother. Which presents a puzzle: Since our immune system is designed to kill foreign cells, how can someone get pregnant?

When a woman is pregnant, the placenta secretes what are called cytokines, substances that create in the mother’s immune system a bunch of immune cells called Th2 helper cells, These Th2 cells are designed to fight allergens, and they shut off the part of the immune system in the mother that fights cells, bacteria, or parasites. This is how the mother’s immune system tolerates the implant. But when the baby is born, the baby’s immune system is also filled with Th2 cells, which prevent the Th1 immune response.

In a normal birth, the child comes out filled with Th2 helper cells. But in a normal situation, the baby comes through the birth canal, nurses with the mother, and picks up bacteria from the environment, and this all comes together to form the baby’s microbiome. This microbiome will direct the development of the baby’s immune system and switch the baby’s immune system from Th2 (type 2) to Th1 (type 1).

But in today’s world, we have created such a clean environment that now the baby doesn’t get the normal exposure that would switch the immune system to Th1, which means baby stays in type 2 for a longer period of time. (This notion is called the “hygiene hypothesis.”) If the allergen shows up while the baby is in type 2, the immune system makes an antibody called IgG, Immunoglobulin G, and the child will not be allergic to the allergen.

So babies are born with type 2, because that was the type that prevented the rejection of the placenta by the mother. Normally, the baby should get exposed to all kinds of things, especially through breastfeeding, and be inoculated with bacteria. This would switch the system to type 1 to make a normal antibody response.

The increase in babies having an allergic response to allergens is not because of the allergens-it’s because babies are not given enough chance to have an infection. Since our mode of parenting is: “Keep it clean! Sterilize everything! Wash it down with germicide,” and things like that, we’ve created a situation that foments allergies. This is also why kids who grow up with pets are healthier than kids that don’t: Even if you spray Lysol on everything around the house, you’re not going to spray the pet! And so the pet is on inoculation device. It will carry things that the child can pick up.

Therefore, it’s really important to recognize that in order for a child’s immune system to be healthy, it must be exposed to bacteria and things like that. It’s OK if the child gets a little sick that’s the immune system working.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the immune system is an evolutionary device. It’s not completely formed when we’re born. It’s still evolving. The tendency is for people to inoculate their children with vaccines. And the problem is that when we inject a vaccine, loaded with all kinds of adjuvants and preservatives, into a baby whose immune system is still evolving, we push the immune system, we’re keeping it from evolving properly.

The body must come in contact with an infection in order for it to create its own immune activation. What people don’t understand is the immune activation is due to the tonsils that are in the throat. People think tonsils are there to fight infections, but that’s wrong. The tonsils don’t fight infection, they invite infection in! They’re nature’s way of creating an immune response. The tonsils make a recording of everything in the environment that passes by them, which is why infants reflexively stick everything they can into their mouths. This the design of the system they’re creating an oral vaccine.

By the time a child is 10 years old, he’s tasted everything in the environment. At around the age of 10, the immune system starts to slow itself down from the hyper-growth state it’s been in. The thymus gland, the immune system’s centre of education, starts to get smaller. The relevance is this: If we protect children too much by the time the immune system starts to slow down at age 10, we reduce their ability to make immune responses. So I’m not saying, “Vaccines: no.” I’m saying, “Oral vaccines: yes.”

Age Healthier by Maintaining Healthy Telomere Length

How to Slow Down the Effects of Aging, According to Science


As we age, most of us want to:
1. Live a long and healthy life2. Avoid the diseases and ailments that come with agingFortunately, the latest scientific research shows that you can age healthier by maintaining longer telomere length. With a growing understanding of telomeres and the enzyme called telomerase, many studies reveal natural ways to maintain healthy telomere length. Let’s first explore what telomeres are, how they affect aging and how you can naturally maintain telomere length to reduce the effects of aging.


Never heard of telomeres before? That’s ok, most of us haven’t The simplest way to describe telomeres is the shoelace analogy: telomeres are similar to the caps at the end of a shoelace. Its primary function is to protect the DNA within your 23 pairs of chromosomes. It prevents one end of a chromosome from fusing into another chromosome.


Telomeres naturally shorten as you age. This is because telomeres get shorter every time a cell divides. Once a cell gets to the point when its telomeres get so short and can no longer divide, it stops replicating altogether and enters into a state called senescence. Cells that reach this state are considered old, dying cells. Cells within shorter telomere length as well as cells that become damaged due to aging may cause an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Increasing Telomerase Activity is Key to Slowing Down Effects of Aging

Telomerase is an enzyme that activates the growth of telomeres and extends the lifespan of a cell. This enzyme is what helps cells repair and maintain telomere length as they divide. With an increased understanding of what this enzyme looks like, supplements and drugs can one day be designed to increase telomerase activity. If targeted telomerase activity can be increased with the help of drugs or nutritional supplements, then it’ll eventually be possible to drastically lower the occurrence of age-related disease and ailments.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to design drugs that can target activating telomerase activity in specific cells. Significant progress appears to be on the horizon thanks to recent high-resolution photos of telomerase, which helps researchers identify parts of telomerase they could target with drugs.


Believe it or not, the way you live your life has a direct impact on how you age. By adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can improve how good you feel today and how good you’ll feel as you get older.

We’ve put together a list of the top 3 natural ways that are scientifically proven to maintain healthy telomere length. Check them out below:

1. Take Supplements

Research shows that supplements can help lengthen your telomeres. When LifePharm launched 8 years ago, LAMININE was the very first nutritional supplement offered to consumers. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez and his team at the DaVinci Biosciences labs in Loma Linda, California conducted studies to determine the benefits and effectiveness of LAMININE. the 90-day study revealed that LAMININE supports telomerase activity and can lengthen your telomere length. It’s important to note that the subjects who took LAMININE did not change their diets or lifestyle habits, but still showed evidence of telomere lengthening. LAMININE’s ingredients include Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, marine proteins and phyto proteins. The protein bio-factors such as FGF-2 can only be found in the egg extract used in this supplement. It’s the primary ingredient credited with supporting healthy cell development.

2. Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

You might want to consider trying the Mediterranean Diet. One study called the Nurses’ Health Study concluded that the Mediterranean Diet was associated with longer telomere length. The Mediterranean Diet is considered effective because of its impact on oxidative stress levels in your body. Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance of free radicals in your body. They can cause damage to your fatty tissue, DNA and proteins. Over time, this damage can lead to many different diseases. The Mediterranean Diet was found to be effective in protecting your DNA (and protecting the health of your telomeres) from oxidative stress because it offers foods rich in antioxidants which keep free radicals from overpopulating your body.

According to Elissa Epel, co-author of a study exploring the link between diet and telomere length, any diet that is rich in antioxidants creates a biochemical environment favorable to telomeres. The four diets reviewed in the study were the Mediterranean Diet (mentioned above), the DASh diet, the Healthy Eating Index and the Alternative Healthy Eating Index. Each diet emphasizes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plant-based proteins.

3. Exercise Regularly

It’s universally accepted that exercise is good for your health. It helps reduce stress, improves rest, helps you maintain a healthy weight and can help maintain healthy telomere length. According to findings from a study conducted by NHANES (the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey), adults who exercised regularly had a benefit of 9 years less cellular aging than those who had moderate to low exercise. They concluded it was clear adults who had high levels of physical activity had longer telomeres than those who didn’t exercise very much, if at all.


As you can see, there are ways today you can improve your health and better manage the effects of aging. Now that you know more about telomeres, their role in your health as you age and how you can keep them healthy longer, will you take the next step to protect the health of your telomeres? The increased risk of illness that comes with aging is a natural occurrence everyone has to confront. Without a doubt, the best way to combat aging is through prevention by living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a balanced diet. So put our list of ways to maintain and improve telomere health to good use and start your healthy aging journey today!




All life exists within a sea of vibration, and rhythm is fundamental to all of life. Diurnal, seasonal, lunar, and solar cycles and the resonant electromagnetic field (EMF) oscillations of our planet make up the symphony of rhythms in which life on Earth exists. As life evolved amidst these natural rhythms, they were integrated into many basic human biological responses, which coincide with diurnal and seasonal cycles1 and the many aspects of human and animal behaviour and physiology that are correlated with the phases of the moon.2 From the basic activities of daily life to our relationship with the animals on Earth, human society is structured around the moon’s rhythm, and deeply rooted monthly circadian rhythms govern human sleep patterns, persisting
even in isolation from our conscious awareness of the lunar phase.

Read the pdf file Muehsam, Ventura





The Science That Will Change Your Future | Dr. Bruce Lipton



In the end, it is all about vibrations….Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the bestselling “Biology of Belief” prompts one to expand one’s mind. Just watch this video and consider what would your life be like if you learned that you are more powerful than you have ever been taught? “When you look in the mirror and see yourself and you see like one person looking back? That is not true. You are made out of 50 trillion cells. And the cells are the living entities. So you are a community, not a single person. But your mind is the government for the 50 trillion cells!

We see people as physical particles and machines. But that’s an illusion. Because what we are, are interacting waves. That’s why one person can affect another person just by being in the field” – Bruce Lipton.

Laminine and the importance of amino acids.


Nature’s effective way of conducting electrons

Circulation of electrons is essential in electronics and also for living organisms. While in our computers, we use semiconductor made mainly of silicon crystal, Nature has found a more effective way: proteins. Protein structures facilitate long-range electron-transfer. Scientists have shown that structural features of proteins have elements that facilitate electronic conductivity.

This phenomenon is largely due to the chiral-induced spin selectivity (CISS). It causes, in particular, the reduction of the elastic backscattering in electron-transfer through chiral molecules. In fact, electron transmission shows that ordered films of chiral organic molecules act as electron spin filters. The CISS effect gives us important insight for spin-selective processes in biology and allows the use of chiral molecules in spintronics applications.



Science Video: The “secret” power of amino acids


Scientists describe three types of amino acids:

Non-essential amino acids, which our bodies can make from food sources as long as we obtain adequate nutrients in our diet.

Essential amino acids, which must come from protein in the diet. Our bodies cannot make this type.

Conditionally essential amino acids, which are most needed during physical exertion stress, injury, and recovery from a disease or operation. Under these conditions, our bodies require more essential and non-essential amino acids than usual. And if our system is weak or not properly nourished, we are not able to make enough of the non-essential amino acids to function optimally. Do you know Laminine contains all 22 amino acids? Laminine contains substantial proteins and a full array of amino acids. In the Laminine formulation, the fertilized avian egg extract is very high in free amino acids. In addition, other unique growth factors, antioxidants and immune factors round out the exceptional formula. It has a complete profile of all the essential and non-essential amino acids in a natural, non-synthetic form. Laminine has been further fortified with naturally occurring simple protein from pea and marine sources and is a perfect protein supplement.



According to the Guardian, Sound Therapy “believe that our bodies contain ‘energy frequencies’ and that sonic frequencies can be used to reattune these energies when they go off key. All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of ‘pure’ sound”.

Sound has been a tool for promoting the physical and emotional health of the body for as long as history can account for, deeply rooted in ancient cultures and civilizations. The ancient Egyptians used vowel sound chants in healing because they believed vowels were sacred. Tibetan monks take advantage of singing bowls, which they believe to be “a symbol of the unknowable” whose “vibrations have been described as the sound of the universe manifesting.”. Also When some American Indian medicine men and women were called upon to heal an ailing tribesmember, they would fast in order to receive a song in dream or vision instructing them in how to carry out the treatment of their patient.

Psychoacoustics is the scientific study of the perception of sound, and it has fueled researchers paths to better understand how it can be used as medicine. To understand the fundamentals of sound in healing, we must first understand our brain waves. The nucleus of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, is the communication between neurons. Brain waves are generated by way of electrical pulses working in unison from masses of neurons interacting with one another. Brain waves are divided into five different bandwidths that are thought to form a spectrum of human consciousness. The slowest of the waves are delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz), which are the slowest brain waves and occur mostly during our deepest state of sleep. The fastest of the waves are gamma waves (25 to 100 Hz), which are associated with higher states of conscious perception. Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) occur when the brain is daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation.

According to Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., a speech-language pathologist:

Research shows that different frequencies presented to each ear through stereo headphones… create a difference tone (or binaural beat) as the brain puts together the two tones it actually hears. Through EEG monitoring the difference tone is identified by a change in the electrical pattern produced by the brain. For example, frequencies of 200 Hz and 210 Hz produce a binaural beat frequency of 10 Hz (The difference in 210 Hz and 200 Hz is 10 Hz). Monitoring of the brain’s electricity (EEG) shows that the brain produces increased 10 Hz activity with equal frequency and amplitude of the wave form in both hemispheres of the brain (left and right hemisphere).

A series of experiments conducted by neuro-electric therapy engineer Dr. Margaret Patterson and Dr. Ifor Capel, revealed how alpha brainwaves boosted the production of serotonin. Dr. Capel explained:

As far as we can tell, each brain center generates impulses at a specific frequency based on the predominant neurotransmitter it secretes. In other words, the brain’s internal communication system—its language, is based on frequency… Presumably, when we send in waves of electrical energy at, say, 10 Hz, certain cells in the lower brain stem will respond because they normally fire within that frequency range.

It’s very intriguing to think that something as simple as sound, as music, which we have come to treat as utterly pleasurable entertainment, has not only been used to promote healing and well-being, but has proven to work through research as well.

If your mental health is of concern, try listening to a binaural beat to generate alpha waves between 8 and 14 Hz to produce more serotonin. Another option is to take advantage of music that promotes a relaxed alpha state in the brain such as classical music.

Another interesting study utilised a different method of sound therapy (Himalayan singing bowls, transitioning to Gongs, transitioning to crystal singing bowls, transitioning to therapeutic percussion). It was delivered in two ways – by a live soundbath, where subjects lay on the floor and received around 35 minutes of sound, and by a recording of the same which was available online. The focus of this research was to answer the following questions:

  1. Is live sound more or less effective than digitally recorded and delivered sound and across what domains?
  2. What are the consciousness altering effects of this method and to what degree are the domains effected?
  3. What are the therapeutic benefits of sound induced ASC?

Data was analysed by a test known as a Chi Square analysis to gauge significance. Statistically significant, highly significant and extremely significant data was produced in the domains of Physical Relaxation, Imagery, Ineffability, Transcendence of Time and Space, Positive Mood, Insightfulness, Disembodiment and Unity across both live and recorded studies. These findings have far-reaching implications for the use of sound therapy, specifically sound induced altered states of consciousness (ASC) going forward. The findings provide further understanding of the depth at which live therapeutic sound compared to a recording is experienced. On the whole the experience in a live study seemed to be more emotionally moving, with participants being able to put their experience into words and experiencing joy. This may be due to the presence of the instruments and that vibrations can be felt travelling through the body, whereas the recorded sound seemed to create deeper introspection and a deeper ASC. This is rather like comparing being at a live concert to listening to an MP3 recording – the former is more rousing, and the latter more immersive. Both groups seemed to benefit from the relaxing effect of the sound and lost their usual sense of time and space.



Collective Evolution

British Academy of Sound Therapy