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Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ creates the ultimate Healing session for your wellness. This modality promotes healing and balances the flow of energy throughout the body. ART™ instantly relaxes the body, adjusts the balance of the autonomic nervous system and aligns the 7 chakras.

Every single chakra in our body has a specific frequency. Sound surrounds us in every aspect of life be it from a key on a piano or a loud music everything sends out a wave of energy. This waves vibrate in their own frequencies and can affect everything in his path positively or negatively. Chakras produce energy vortices, which, when healthy, provide energetic information by which all the systems of the body create a global information system.

For humans, keeping our chakra frequencies balanced and in harmony is essential for us to function properly. When our chakra frequencies are in harmony, we feel connected with ourselves as well as others. The pathway from the physical body through the hormones to the psychological and emotional body is through the endocrine system, which is closely associated with the chakra system.

When we are “out of tune” and our chakras are off balance, many problems can arise. Things that might seem trivial, such as a change in weather, stress, or a sudden bump is enough to throw us off. In short, when our chakras are misaligned, it affects so many aspects of our lives, from our external relationships to even our internal organs!

Give yourself a Good Vibrations Tune-UP: Clear and Balance Your Chakras



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