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What is Energetic Subsonciousness Reprogramming:


Energetic Subconscious Reprogramming (ESR) is based on the broad theory that mental health and physical health conditions are related to altered flow and function in the body’s electrical energies and energy fields. The idea that the body’s electricity and energy can be manipulated, to produce healing and spiritual development is a root of many ancient, holistic approaches to any kind of alternative and orthodox medicine.

How does it work:

This new form of relaxation therapy helps to regulate electrical signals and energetic fields combined with music and sound vibration to retrain the brain and organs and help individuals overcome any physical and emotional reactions affecting health and wellbeing.

Traumatic events trapped in the mind-body system can have a negative impact on a person’s outlook, experiences, emotional regulation, and ability to relate to others, and it is believed and publicised in many scientific journals,  sound and music therapy can help a person to release these events more rapidly than they might with talking or conventional treatments alone.

A fundamental principle underlying sound therapy and many other types of treatments is the idea that traumatic memories and fears are problematic for some individuals because these memories and fears create a state called hyperarousal.

Hyperarousal can be described by increased emotional and physiological activity involving muscular tension, decreased tolerance for pain, feelings of dread, jumpiness, difficulty sleeping, and increased emotional response. Many types of therapy, especially those that treat conditions such as anxiety and posttraumatic stress, help people reduce states of hyperarousal.

Specific to Acoustic Restoration Therapy is the theory that stimulation of the entire body system what involves in our case the ENERGETIC – ESOTERIC – QUANTUM fields can send signals to the brain to help reduce hyperarousal. ART™ has shown when we are activating our bodies own healing mechanism, the body and mind become better able to create unique, healthier responses. And when the healing comes from within created by the wisdom of everyone’s unique energy signatures, the effects can be very profound and long-lasting.

Subconsiousness explained by Bruce Lipton

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