Laminine and the importance of amino acids.


Nature’s effective way of conducting electrons

Circulation of electrons is essential in electronics and also for living organisms. While in our computers, we use semiconductor made mainly of silicon crystal, Nature has found a more effective way: proteins. Protein structures facilitate long-range electron-transfer. Scientists have shown that structural features of proteins have elements that facilitate electronic conductivity.

This phenomenon is largely due to the chiral-induced spin selectivity (CISS). It causes, in particular, the reduction of the elastic backscattering in electron-transfer through chiral molecules. In fact, electron transmission shows that ordered films of chiral organic molecules act as electron spin filters. The CISS effect gives us important insight for spin-selective processes in biology and allows the use of chiral molecules in spintronics applications.



Science Video: The “secret” power of amino acids


Scientists describe three types of amino acids:

Non-essential amino acids, which our bodies can make from food sources as long as we obtain adequate nutrients in our diet.

Essential amino acids, which must come from protein in the diet. Our bodies cannot make this type.

Conditionally essential amino acids, which are most needed during physical exertion stress, injury, and recovery from a disease or operation. Under these conditions, our bodies require more essential and non-essential amino acids than usual. And if our system is weak or not properly nourished, we are not able to make enough of the non-essential amino acids to function optimally. Do you know Laminine contains all 22 amino acids? Laminine contains substantial proteins and a full array of amino acids. In the Laminine formulation, the fertilized avian egg extract is very high in free amino acids. In addition, other unique growth factors, antioxidants and immune factors round out the exceptional formula. It has a complete profile of all the essential and non-essential amino acids in a natural, non-synthetic form. Laminine has been further fortified with naturally occurring simple protein from pea and marine sources and is a perfect protein supplement.

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