The increased incidence of allergies in children is one of the major healthcare issues of our day. From an immunological
Cells manage a wide range of functions in their tiny package — growing, moving, housekeeping, and so on — and
Today I’m giving a talk at my school, Stevens Institute of Technology, titled “The Cancer Industry: Hype Versus Reality.” The talk
How to Slow Down the Effects of Aging, According to Science   As we age, most of us want to:
INTRODUCTION - BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS: MUSIC MEETING SCIENCE All life exists within a sea of vibration, and rhythm is fundamental to
    In the end, it is all about vibrations….Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the bestselling “Biology of Belief” prompts
  Nature’s effective way of conducting electrons Circulation of electrons is essential in electronics and also for living organisms. While in
Telomeres and the Immune System University of California Television (UCTV) Published on 18 May 2018       Laminine and
Sound Therapy, the Altered States of Consciousness and Improved Health and Wellbeing by Lyz Cooper MA, MSc, FICNM Abstract A
  According to the Guardian, Sound Therapy “believe that our bodies contain ‘energy frequencies’ and that sonic frequencies can be
Scientists describe three types of amino acids: • Non-essential amino acids, which our bodies can make from food sources as
This paper is based on a hypothesis that explores the ancient archetype of the Perfect Fifth, a sonic interval, and