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The power of sound to influence the health of our body, mind and soul, simultaneously

Long ago, our ancestors realised that the property of matter we call SOUND, has a profound impact on our lives. Recent research (carried out by Dr Luciano Bernardi of Pavia University, Italy) shows that the heart responds to the music we listen to, by matching the rhythm of that music.

Our ears convert the sound vibrations into electrical impulses and relay them to the cortex. The cortex controls, sensory and motor processes, our consciousness, how we think and ultimately our personality. We are all well aware of how sound can affect our feelings, our emotions, mood and even our creativity. However, sound can also stimulate the brain in ways of which we are unaware. For example, sound can activate the release of hormones which circulate through the body via the bloodstream to control specific functions.

Setting the right tone helps us to regain balance So what happens during a scan? The computer evaluates the characteristics of your neurodynamic matrix (i. e. what is happening in your body) and compares this with your two weakest chakras. These results are compared with the body’s optimal state of balance. It uses this difference to identify which signals are needed by you to restore this optimal state. It then superimposes these signals onto a background of natural sounds.

The power of sound to balance body, mind and soul

The Nilas MV® then makes it possible to generate for each person, a unique audio file containing a sound pattern designed to correct bio-energetic imbalances and deficiencies. These health-stimulating sounds can be directly saved as an MP3 file, burned on CD, saved on a USB stick or delivered to the user via a file-hosting service.

The file is approximately 20 minutes in duration and should be listened to every day for a period of two weeks. After two weeks, the neuro-dynamic matrix (biochemistry of the body) adapts to the course of the sound regulation. Then it is best practice to return for another scan to generate a new sound pattern file which will further maintain and improve the new state of health and well-being.

The power of breath for health and fitness

Breathing is an essential life function primarily intended to supply oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

However, how we breathe is also very important. The way we breathe can enable us to remain healthy, rectify disorders, improve energy supply and balance our physical and mental well-being.

Stress impairs the natural respiratory flow

If we are continuously stressed, the depth and frequency of our breathing is likely to be adversely affected. We can become so used to this that we do not notice our breathing becoming more rapid and shallow. If allowed to continue, this restricted breathing pattern can contribute to further unforeseen health disturbances, strains, tensions and eventual exhaustion.

‘Proper Breathing’

Understandably, we often think of ourselves as breathing through our lungs but with practice, it is possible to imagine ourselves breathing through our abdomen, pelvis, kidney, in fact, any organ in our body that we happen to select.

Getting a ‘Lung full’ with Nilas MV®

The result of our heart rate variability determines an ideal individual respiratory rate which should be done for

5 minutes. When done according to the instructions, it helps to restore our own ideal rhythm, simultaneously

regulating biorhythms, strengthening the parasympathetic system, reducing stress and increasing our energy

levels as well as psychic abilities like concentration.

The respiration procedure is illustrated with the aid of a dynamic ball, which expands to correspond with when we breathe in and contracts as we breathe out. The pace of the expansion and the contraction of the ball as well as the length of the breather are determined by the results of the measurement data and individually tailored to the subject of each test.

The relaxation effect is enhanced by the interplay between the breathing ball, varying landscape scenery and embedded classical music.

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