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Services are a type of experience we provide you. You cannot be satisfied more. We present you with a wide variety of options related to the health issues you are facing. Since we very much believe ourselves that services come with experiences.

Our founder Mr Thomas Staudacher and the very amiable staff are always at your service. We are just a booking away. So how we work basically is our first appointment is all about you. We get to know you in depth. The problems you are facing. And then picks out the best appropriate therapy for the solution customized for you. We believe in creating it in experience and makes sure that the services we provide make you feel comfortable. Our services are extremely pain-free, and you can explore the services yourself. The services are for self-healing purposes of your body, and it will make your mind and soul calm.

Frequency is the language that all life understands at a cellular level. It is the foundation upon which every physiological process is based. It is the critical means of communication between all things on a macrocosmic as well as microcosmic level. Our cells exchange information and regulate body functions through the sending and receiving of specific frequencies. This cell signalling precedes and regulates all biochemical actions.


Relaxation techniques are a great way to help with stress management. To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation response to achieve optimal relaxation.

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Having been first used by the ancients, sound therapy has undergone a period or re-discovery and is now poised to reveal the intricacies of healing both the cellular and psychological levels.

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Chakra Balance

Energy is everywhere, and in everything there is energy. We have centres in our body that are the conductors for this energy. These energy centres are called Chakras (Wheels of Light).

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Our unique benefit-based menu offers relaxation therapies combined with natural therapeutics together. This is a specially designed program for people suffer from chronic illnesses or cancer.

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We work in four processes:

  1. Schedule a meetup
  2. Browse through the best services
  3. Book services
  4. Experience the problem relieving process

How does it work?

The theory of sound is applied to the body where it is attached by the machines and an applicator that vibrates and brings the best rays for your body. We combine the five frequency of the sound, and a three-dimensional vibration is created. Different waves for different issues. It regenerates the tissue in the body. Chronic issues may take time to heal otherwise the fresh problems can be healed within a few sittings process.

England was the only country who used to train the professionals and practice it their 45 years ago. But with the advent and upcoming latest equipment, the solution to all the healings therapy is beginning to grow in our country.

We combine the treatment and customize them especially for you. Your treatment cannot be given to everyone. We study the pattern, know your history and then come up with a developed solution just for you. This is why the results are so good.

We use now our own developed therapy system “Acoustic Restoration Therapy” which are results of knowledge from science and natural therapies. It not only helps you with healing your body but also retreats all in together and shows you how everything works together.

We use three simple steps for our services.

  1. Quantum fields that are restored through ART in biological Blueprint form
  2. Regulation of the nervous system and circulatory system that uses nutritional support. It is important for the quantum fields. It gives the body the power and energy to restore.
  3. Regulation of the Nervous system and the best combination of it through nutrition and homeopathy.


We have experience of 20 years in naturopathy and other modalities. We regularly research in Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART) for better foundations. We combine ART with many different modalities at our centre. It also works very well together in adjunction with complementary and alternative medicine due to the process to support your body when you are in need of medication and worry about the side effects, it can reduce the risk of the side effects in generating a balance in your energy field.

Given below are few of them:

  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Homeopath
  • Western herbal medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Biopuncture
  • Bioregulatory medicine
  • Acoustic restoration therapy

We also deal in therapeutic specialties. Given below are the names of some of our therapies what have shown to have had an immense impact on the health of our clients when used in conjunction with Acoustic Restoration Therapy. We were able to improve the life and wellbeing of our clients to an extent you have never believed it is possible. Some of the outcomes are the reduction of medication, pain-free without medication not only for a week or so even for many years.

  • A migraine – a Headache
  • Fatigue and Insomnia
  • Infertility Male/Female
  • Cell Saturation and Wellness Program
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders
  • Cancer Support


for your first visit you will receive a free stress test with nilasmv.....

Our body is not just a collection of different organs but is also made up of mind, emotion and an energy field which surrounds our body always. Integrative medicine is an approach to regenerate the innate healing process of the human body which is lost when a disease or illness hits it. Integrative medicine is open to new paradigms and alongside the treatments, the process of healing and health promotion are it’s paramount.This approach has been developed in a broader form by Thomas Staudacher by incorporating different elements of therapy into one single successful approach to help people achieve a painless and effective way of thinking about their health and well being and to give people a way to commit themselves to self-exploration and self-development. It is new and worth spreading a special way to heal the human body. It provides safe, effective and appropriate care according to the health of the patient. It empowers you and helps you gain self-confidence.

Acute Pain Management (Biomes therapy) treated with our multi-target approach-

This approach that we use is known as “Biomes therapy” or “Biopunture” which involves pinpointing the pain points and injecting saline solutions and homeopathic formulations at those points. This approach is best for the general wellbeing as well as pain management. It is a popular form of natural medicine. Biomes therapy offers an excellent safety profile; studies show that it is as safe as an oral homeopathic. We use this approach as it stimulates the body’s own healing capacity and encourages the body to start healing itself. This method also helps in eliminating toxins from the body so that the body is clean, calm and balanced.

Allergies, Eczema & Sinus treated with our multi-target approach-

We use clinically proven techniques that are highly associated with treating different kinds of allergies. We use many methods to do that, depending on the type of allergies a person is suffering from. This multi-target approach also helps in treating eczema and sinus and does not rely on any kind of medicines or supplements. The homeopathic treatments we use have no side effects or any kind of unhealthy influence over the body. This system encompasses multi-target regulation, treatment according to the stage of disease progression, and lastly, acknowledgment and stimulation of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.

Male and Female Infertility treated with our multi-target approach

This multi-target approach we use provides an aid to your path towards fertility. The reproductive system in human beings demands a normal functioning hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Our environmental or integrative medicinal approach first finds out the cause of infertility and then uses its unique therapeutic system as we constantly look for innovative solutions to medical challenges. We combine homeopathic, nutritive and herbal active substances to create pain-free easy to use medical substances. Our approach to generating the body’s self-healing and bringing it back to its normal functioning leads to hormonal balance which is useful in the path of fertility.

PTSD – Stress & Anxiety treated with our multi-target approach

Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ induces intense states of relaxation and regression with sound and vibration, that arouses such powerful emotional discharges that they are also able to carry repressed memories. This emotional experience is profound. It mobilizes the whole organism.

Cancer Support combined with our multi-target approach

Inspirational Health Talks

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