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Lamiderm® Apex Skin Serum – healthier skin for life

As we age, our bodies slow down the production of lysyl oxidase (LOX).

Your body’s LOX, naturally activates three essential skin fibers collagen, elastin and fibronectin.

Apex helps to promote the body’s production of LOX, the original source of skin youth.

Apex supports healthier skin, for a smooth, firm and radiant complexion.

Activate your Skin Cells

Developed with the exclusive LifePharm Fertilized Avian Egg Extract to help support the body’s production of lysyl oxidase (LOX) in the skin.

Helps to supplement the body’s LOX production for improved collagen, elastin and fibronectin at the cellular level.

Lamiderm Apex is the first known source of LOX in a skin care product.


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