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Relax with Sound

Did you know that, for thousands of years, sound has been successfully used by man as a powerful healing mechanism and it is still used today? Therapeutic ultrasound is widely used as a medical treatment for a variety of ailments, such as kidney stones, tumors, killing bacteria etc.

Are there any exciting new developments in the world of sound therapy? Perhaps the most crucial breakthrough would be the ability to alter the entire bodies system patterns. Our sound spa and wellness centre has developed a new form of Relaxation technique called Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART™) what is able to help you to achieve pure relaxation.

The implication of ART™ on a person’s quality of life are immense, including the ability to induce highly beneficial frequencies to achieve optimal relaxation safe and easy, and most the time, only after one session even for people with difficulties to relax are surprised how their body and mind can be so relaxed. Listen to our testimonials.

These results are achieved due to:

Specially designed frequencies delivered through our Liquid Sound Table. Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART™) uses low frequencies that are vibrated through a waterbed what gives you a massage-like effect. Your body is able in a short time to create sympathetic resonance with the energetic frequencies waves provided by Subtle Energy Solution. The frequencies used at our sound spa and wellness retreat are carefully chosen to assist your mind-body in creating healthful changes.

What are low frequencies::

Humans can hear between 20 and 20.000 Herz, moist animals communicate in a range below 20 Hz. The frequencies we use are 30-90 Hz and played through a transducer so you can feel them.

Fig. 2a (left): A pentagon form created by a low frequency sine tone, demonstrating that sound and life are inextricably linked: Sound can create pentagonal structures which contain phi, the physical constant of all life. Image by Erik Larson, Sonic Age America. Fig. 2b (right): The pentagon contains phi, the Golden Mean, the ration 1:1.618, that is prevalent in all life.

How does it work:

Organs and structures of the human body give off sound frequencies. When these frequencies are disturbed, we are stressed or sick. When we give these particular frequencies and vibrating them through your body, it can bring a low vitality organ into resonance with the healthy organ, what can also be called a relaxation response.ART™ triggers this respond within minutes and gives you the feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation and sometimes when you are in a deep relaxation your brain can give the right signal to start eliminating or reducing pain – aches – or even longtime illnesses.


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