Patient- 45 yo male with High Blood Pressure, Fatty Liver

This is LETTER OF THANKS for all the great work you have done for me over the last 6 months. In that time you have relieved me of my blood pressure medication and my fatty liver, and brought energy back into my life again. I feel much better now than I have for the last several years I wish I’d known you sooner.

Even my aches and pains from shoulder and neck and back problems are nearly all gone with the acupuncture and medications you have supplied me with. I’m amazed at the knowledge you have studied in your numerous degrees and certifications which make you invaluable to me with my many problems.

Any people who read this should take advantage of your vast array of knowledge in the field of well being with naturopathy, megatronics, acupuncture, herbal remedies, Chinese medicine etc and your utter pursuit of healing. Your willingness to answer all the questions that I brought up made me feel at ease as well. Thanks again for your friendly service and see you soon.

Patient- 43 yo female and male with Muscular Problems, Weight Loss, Gastrointestinal Disorders

After an initial consultation including Hemaview analysis, Thomas recommended individually tailored, herbal detox programs for us both. After the course, in addition to following recommended dietary changes, we are both delighted to report that our symptoms, that were varied, ceased. This has remained to be the case since that time.

Additionally we are very pleased with resulting and much needed long-term weight loss that has occured for us both. J. was also treated with accupuncture by Thomas and this has assisted in relieving some long-standing muscular problems. We are both certain that Thomas’ work has been invaluable to the improvement in our health and general wellbeing.

Because of his very pleasant and professional manner, we both felt very much at-ease during our consultations and will trust any future treatment that we require from Thomas.

Patient – 7 yo female with Nocturnal Enuresis

I am writing to thank you for the positive input you have had on my daughter and the entire family. Since giving our daughter the remedy her bed wetting has improved dramatically, to a point of it becoming a rare occurence. The Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture combined as a unit have improved my stress levels, concentration span, vitality and general well being.

I now carry a much more positive and vibrant outlok and I have you to thank for this. Without the combined knowledge I would never been able to achieve these results alone. I am truly grateful for the gift of good health and I look forward to continuing our program.