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Principles of the Therapy Strategy

The available anti-stress therapies tend to be standardised and seldom address the unique characteristics of a person’s particular situation or blueprint, where the stress is coming from what can be in many forms – home, family, work, pain, low immune system, pain etc. Many therapy forms for Stress & Anxiety still causing tremendous stress to our body and mind. Even with all the new knowledge, we need to understand how essential it is to support our immune system – nervous system and bioenergetic system what is still widely ignored. Those three things are the most critical component for regulating our internal and external systems. There is new evidence out there showing us there are other ways to support these systems, but we still have to go a long way incorporating a well-designed system as a whole to deal with this issue when we only follow one medical system.

Our SRC program is specially designed for people with longs lasting Anxiety or Stress-related problems. Listen to what Louise had to say. 


SRC is a new and highly innovative approach what pays significant attention to a person’s individual innate immunenervous and bio-energetic system using specially designed frequencies to balance this three active and vital systems. The human body is not designed, and consequently, not programmed to compensate for such complex disturbing factors like over-stimulating of the sensory centres through physical or chemical agitation (pollution, light, acoustics, medication or chronic pain etc.). These disturbing factors also extend their influence to the smallest units of the body, our cell tissue. When this core element of the body – THE CELLULAR  NERVOUS and BIOENERGETIC SYSTEM is not being served or regulated adequately and does not receive the right signals; the energy flow is disturbed and eventually interrupted. Our anxiety relief techniques offer perfect solutions that optimize your mental and physical health.

What makes our approach so different to other therapies we have incorporated  CORE ELEMENTS in our therapy. Acoustic Restoration Therapy has shown to be very helpful in overcoming Anxiety & Stress 

It is of utmost importance that everyone who has been suering from stress and anxiety, or any other life-threatening diseases get support from this core elements. Our conditions have degenerated since technology and nutrition has become the disturbing factors to upset the innate healing mechanism we have been given by nature.

Causes of Anxiety & Stress

The main cause of mental health conditions includes Stress, Hormonal Variations and Genetics (Genetic Blueprint). Your upbringing can also have an impact. The triggers, however, may differ from person to person. Anything that makes you feel sad or depressed could trigger stress and anxiety or disturbances in your energetic fields from mobile phones or computers etc.

Concept of SES

Not only is every cell in the body a transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic information, it is these various electromagnetic frequencies that precede and correspond to biochemical functions. As a part of our anxiety reversal program, we have conceptualized the physiology of Stress and Anxiety as having two components: a set of responses interfering with the biochemical functions of the body (IBF), and the development of a pathological state from ongoing, unrelieved stress (DPS). With the regulation of IBF & DPS our body and mind are able to deal better with Stress & Anxiety. 

To achieve faster results we have included nutritional support in our stress management techniques which helps with the biochemical functions.

Here’s a a look what you’ll get:

  • Strategies for Working with Specific Anxiety and Stress Disorders
  • How to Adapt Interventions for Trauma-Related Anxiety
  • How to get Help When You Are Stuck in Ruminating Thought Patterns
  • How to Deal with and Tolerate Discomfort
  • How to Stop Using Counterproductive Anxiety Management Strategies
  • When and How to Use Relaxation and Calming Practices
  • How to Self-Soothe
  • Why Future Goals Can Ease the Power of Anxiety

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    Cormi C. Brisbane

    I can only highly recommend this program. It does help me and my family to deal better with stress etc. I have been seeing now Thomas for a couple of years, my kids have hardly been sick and I feel like new person every time I go there.

    Gabrielle N.Brisbane

    After my first visit I was very suprised how my body was reacting to this program. I very sensitive when it comes to vibrations and frequencies but this program really does what it is supposed to do.


    Find out what Louise has to say about her experience with this program:

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