What is the SES Experience actually?

Many chronic health conditions are known to be exacerbated by long term stress and lifestyle factors. Therefore, the SES Experience aims to create a positive environment for the body to relax, giving it a chance to heal. SES incorporates Acoustic Restoration Therapy which was developed by Thomas Staudacher N.D of International Holistic Centre of Natural Medicine.

The SES experience is different from other holistic therapies and is effective because it helps the body to regenerate through deep relaxation. Most people well or unwell have forgotten how to relax, which in turn, causes more frustrations or anxieties in daily life. To succeed, individually or collectively, it is essential to recognise how biological intelligence works by taking the time to rest your mind to hear your intuition correctly. A restful state brings healing, awareness and a sense of rejuvenation. This over time, helps to raise the positive energies around you and within you, and as a result, you begin to feel better.

By understanding the way your body responds to the energy around, and within you – will help you go deeper into your own healing and relaxation needs. The SES experience lets your body feel the outcomes of deep relaxation.

Thomas Staudacher N.D. spent many years developing this therapy that supports deep relaxation to allow the body to start self-rejuvenation. He and his team have received positive feedback and obtained many testimonials from patients who have achieved the health results they hoped for and more.

How does it work?

Subtle Energy Solution works by the principle that energies around and within you contribute to your state of health. Examples of these health issues could be depression, high blood pressure, headache, tiredness, as well as other, more complicated health challenges.

Acoustic Restoration TherapyÔ is a harmless, non-invasive process that adjusts, optimises, and harmonises the cells of your body and brain by sending sound wave frequencies through a warm, waterbed style membrane while listening to the sounds of various healing music. The therapy is designed to support and work alongside traditional medical treatments to help your body and mind to relax. Some patients have felt much calmer after just one treatment. Therefore, this style of integrative care supports any medical treatments and can overall assist with better health outcomes.

Always relay any health concerns to your ARTÔ therapist, and make them aware of any severe health conditions you are experiencing. Understanding your immediate state of health, and your treatments and medications assists the therapist to choose the right sound wave frequencies to achieve the best results for your health concerns.

The Amazing facts about ART

What are the Health conditions that ART has improved?

Since introducing ART to our clinic, patients are using the modality either as a standalone treatment or as a supportive therapy to medical treatment. Over time, there have been significant improvements in the following health conditions:


Some amazing results achieved just through our special relaxation programs:


Leanne needed some relaxation and stress relieve and listen what she had to say about ACOUSTIC RESTORATION THERAPY™